Our Programs are implemented through a combination of different activities we undertake as JCU, this includes but not limited to; a) Strategic Litigation, b) Advocacy, c) Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and d) Research.

Specialized approach.

  1. Public Law Awareness Initiative (PuLAI)

This involves community outreach where staff of JCU, Partners and well-wishers reach out to the public to educate and/or sensitise them about the laws of Uganda, their respective Rights and Freedoms. Under this initiative, we labour to empower communities to stand out and demand for the respect, promotion and protection of their Fundermental Rights and Freedom, education on the different laws of the Country like laws on sexual harassment, domestic violence, Torture and Land among others.

  1. Social accountability and Policy influencing.

Under this section we strive to advocate for the spirit of social responsibility where everyone is accountable. Corruption eradication among other things are our core points. We also through strategic measures advocate and influence the Government policies including budgetary participation for all citizens.


  1. Refugees and Aliens Rights;
  2. Land Rights;
  3. Prisoners’ Rights;
  4. Special interest groups, Including but limited to:
  • Children
  • Youth
  • Women
  • HIV/AIDS positive victims
  • Persons Living with Disabilities (PWDs) like Down syndrome victims, Visually impaired, Physically disabled, Mentally handicapped, Elderly persons and Albinos.